Day 18 – bye bye europe

At the airport and getting sad that I’ll be leaving these beautiful countries. I’m grateful for the experiences that I’ve gained from these areas and am so thankful for the friends that I met along the way. They are amazing people and hope to keep in contact with them in the future. Will be flying […]

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Day 17 – last day *tear*

Sad it’s the last day 😥 didn’t think it was going to go by so quickly but it DEFINITELY did. I’m happy to be going home though because I don’t know if I could handle traveling around this much for much longer. Luckily though I’ll be able to see my family, friends, and boyfriend once […]

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Day 15 – what. a. mess.

Today was a NIGHTMARE. 12 hour travel time nightmare when it was suppose to be 5 – 7 hours max. It was not fun what so ever… SO I’m just going to list out everything that went wrong: Waking up at 5 AM Sleepwalked ourselves to the airport bus because of the taxi strike Lugging our […]

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