Welcome to Europe – An Unexpected Start

Packing and unpacking until my head hurt, I was finally able to find a compromise with the amount of items I was going to bring to Europe. Completely ecstatic, happy nerves were starting to hit me as I didn’t know what to expect (also trying to diminish the embarrassing fact I had flushed my license down the toilet 3 days before this trip). The plane ride itself was slightly painful as I always have trouble sleeping on any sort of public transportation or anywhere public for that matter. With little to no sleep I didn’t find the need to lose any opportunity to explore the city so that’s exactly what me and a few students did. We appreciated the architecture of a church while enjoying a spontaneous drink at a local bar. After our tiring yet informative 2 hour guided tour, dinner was rather interesting. From the beginning the staff seemed to be rather careless of some student’s specific requests due to dietary restrictions. They handled the situation poorly while including the fact the kitchen was flooded with water and the manager decided to let his anger out on his coworker and some customers. All in all however, the night ended with a story to tell and I was overall content with the experience.


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