London Day 2 – Finger foods, strange civilians, ramen

The day started off pleasant, woke up with a slight cold but was able to sleep a full 10 hours. Me and Autumn headed up to Knotting Hill in the afternoon to shop and sight-see. However to our pleasant surprise, as we stopped to look at directions, we were approached by a strange old British man whom we thought was going to ask for directions but instead showed us an explicit photo of his… *cough cough*. We suddenly booked it and escaped one of the strangest interactions I’ve ever dealt with. After being stunned, we decided to ease our tensions by shopping for souvenirs for our friends and family. Once we got to afternoon tea however, it was certainly the highlight of my day. The aesthetic and appeal of eating small finger foods definitely reached my social media interest. After the tiring tour ride around London I got ramen with a student friend and was yet again approached by a random London man. The night hasn’t ended yet and we can only hope it finishes well with a night at the club and good company!


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