Day 3 – London done right

Woke up with a plan and we certainly exceeded it. Me and Autumn started the day off with the delicious hotel breakfast that allowed us to experience the true english morning meal. A little tired from a great night out with half the group from going to 2 clubs, we immediately hopped on the underground (which was ridiculously priced – 10 pounds per person for 2 rides) and rode to Westminister where we got introduced to Big Ben and the London Eye walking right out the train. After viewing some of the most beautiful sights of architecture I have ever witnessed in my life, we got some dim sum at Chinatown and chitchatted for a decent amount of time. After we trekked to Piccadilly Circus we window shopped, and saw outstanding and creative shops with decked out, color interior – something we aren’t used to in America. Not certain what the night holds but we might tour London at night to see the dazzling lights. Then off to an early morning to Amsterdam!


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