Day 6 – Flowers, Beer, Noods, Coconuts

Today was SO fun and so productive. We unfortunately planned our trip poorly and had to check out a day early and take an overnight bus to paris. Luckily we were able to put our luggages at Scott’s hotel while we adventured out to tourist attractions. Me and Autumn set foot to the infamous Flower Fields and got to see the breathtaking views of the carefully planted and maintained various flowers. After taking 100s of photos and ending up losing storage on one of our phones. After a 3 hour walk through the fields we head back to the city to the Heineken Tour and get to enjoying some beer and festive activities. We are absolutely starving and get some grub at a local fusion vietnamese restaurant where we finally get to unwind from the long day. To unwind even more we end our day at the most adorable coffee shop called coffee and coconuts. Before getting in our uber to head to our 7 hours bus right to paris, we see yet again some public indecency lurking from next to the dumpster. Europe has not only left a strange impression on me, but one word to sum it up is interesting.


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