Day 7 – 6 am, hobos, paris, weird hot dogs

Starting at 11:50 PM on Sunday, me and my group make our trip to Paris. Beyond excited however rather tired we trek through and make it to an adorable boutique hotel at 6 am. We aren’t able to check into our hotel yet so we sleep in the lobby for 3 hours like hobos, loitering and making the lobby rather unappealing with our bodies sprawled across the couch. Thinking we still have to wait until 3 pm to check in, I figured I’d ask to get our room early and HALLELUJAH we did. We go down to a cute bistro where we are fully indulged in french culture. The worn down casual eatery had nothing but a few items on the menu to choose from and all in french. Luckily I looked it up on yelp before and ate this creamy potato and chicken dish. We then nap for 3 hours straight and continue onto the hot walking tour and ending with a cooling and breezy boat tour where we got to enjoy the sites and waved at the people sitting along the dock. The eiffel tower was breathtaking with all the lights and paris has certainly made a pretty promising impression on me.


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