Day 8 – </3, Fud, bye $$, jumping pics

Having to wake up at 6 AM was certainly NOT ideal for me especially from the horrendous and saddening news I had to wake up/start my day to. I wake up with messages from friends and loved ones talking about a bombing that occurred in Manchester, London. Completely shaken by it, it’s crazy to think we were just in that area last week and these attacks seem to become more and more frequent. My heart goes completely out to the individuals and anyone affected by it. I certainly hope Ariana Grande also finds peace in mind because I’m sure she feels responsible when in fact is NOT the case whatsoever. It was caused by completeĀ losers and I can only hope one day justice will be served and hope will be find peace in each other.

Once arriving at Le Cordon Bleu, it was fascinating how we got a demonstration from a michelin starred chef himself! I know how difficult it is to work up that ladder and he certainly didn’t disappoint anyone. He was kind and patient when showing his step by step procedure and I noticed no matter what, he was intricate and diligent when it came to attention to detail. He certainly has a vision and created it which seemed effortless.

After being slightly buzzed from the delicious wine that was served we make our way to the shopping district where we shopped ’til we dropped. Didn’t think I was going to spend as much money as I thought but I’d say it was rather successful and hey when in Rome (we’re close??). The bus tour was nice and I liked how we got off the bus to explore and actually take pictures of the sights.


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