Day 9 – $$, wine drunk

In the morning we went shopping and spent a decent amount of money ūüė° Knowing this whole trip that I’m willing to splurge I certainly did and will. We had to meet up at 1:30 for presentations and it unfortunately had to take up our entire day. After we went to a wine museum and didn’t know there was a wine tasting involved and was¬†pleasantly¬†surprised. They taught us how to hold a wine glass properly which I didn’t know it was an art form until today. Now I can’t stop holding it this way and am very glad that I learned it this way. After we went to the oldest restaurant in the world and it was delicious. Telling myself I was going to go out 100% me and Autumn decided to opt out because of how tired we were and that we’re basically both grandams. However ever right before I was going to slip into bed my friend who lives in Paris called me and asked if I wanted to go out with her. I couldn’t let down the offer because I hadn’t seen her in so long. We head out to Queens Nightclub and it was a GRAND time. Didn’t think starting your night at 2 am would have been so fun.


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