Day 10. 11:11, failed tower attempt, reunion, stressed shopper, small food

We started our day off going to the Musee D’Orsay which was a museum showing the highlights and history of Paris. We got to take the infamous clock pic and got excited to post it to Instagram. After we make our way to the Eiffel Tower hoping to go to the top but once we saw the line we made an instant U turn and instead sat at the water fountain and dipped our feet in the cooling water as we enjoyed the view. We then shopped around the Champs place but couldn’t buy anything because we’re basically broke af. The funniest thing happened however and I had ran into a friend of mine in a random mcdonalds from back home. He was exitting and I was meeting up with other students and BAM there he was it was an amazing reunion and me nor my friends could believe it. We eventually had to split and buy our own things because of the time crunch we had. I’ve been looking for a pair of shoes for my boyfriend for the whole trip and couldn’t find them ANYWHERE. I jumped around countless stores trying to find the best deal and the shoes in general. To be honest that was pretty stressful as I had to power walk through out Paris to find the perfect one. I FINALLY DID and it was wondrous. We got dinner at a viet place where the food was abnormally portioned small and over priced. I was supposed to go the Eiffel tower at night but decided not to because of how tired I was and I had been walking so much all day.


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