Day 13 – we’re bad at booking hotels, toasty

So we either can’t read or just can’t plan anything if our lives depended on it. We had to buy another airbnb because we didn’t read the itinerary clearly and didn’t know we were going to Italy on Tuesday instead of Monday. So we had to switch airbnbs to a hostel which is pretty cute including the fact it’s in the middle of the city. So I guess it has its pros and cons but as long we have a safe/decent place to stay I can’t complain. We get to the hostel in semi-piece because I had to lug all the luggage up the stairs but after me and Paige spent a nice relaxing day at the beach ending it with a nice home cooked meal from burger king 🙂 For some reason I was craving it so why not I guess. We head back to the hostel and I may just be staying in tonight because I’m pretty beat from last night which was a great great time!!


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