Day 14 – Parc Güell con $$$, La Sagrada familia, fountainless fountain

We made certain to wake up early this morning because we weren’t able to do much on Sunday because of how all the shops are closed that day (which is a great thing so we can spend less money). Today HOWEVER was a completely different story and I have yet again spent money on pretty A1 souvenirs as I would say myself. We weren’t able to go into Parc Guell itself because of a sold out of tickets but walking around the outskirts were pretty enjoyable on its own. We saw these pillars with some musicians playing their violins but it was mesmerizing and tranquil. We later make our way to see sagrada familia and it was beautiful but only wish it was 2024 already so I can see the finished product. We grab some delicious KFC and relaxed in our airbnb for a tad before making our way to the infamous magic fountain. We get there but no fountains, no streaming water :/ pretty disappointed but it was nice to see Barcelona at night.


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