Day 15 – what. a. mess.

Today was a NIGHTMARE. 12 hour travel time nightmare when it was suppose to be 5 – 7 hours max. It was not fun what so ever… SO I’m just going to list out everything that went wrong:

  1. Waking up at 5 AM
  2. Sleepwalked ourselves to the airport bus because of the taxi strike
  3. Lugging our luggage around the rain for 30 minutes
  4. Train to our connecting train (Milan Centrale) was late for 40 minutes
  5. We miss Milan Centrale 2 stops before
  6. Get followed/harassed by a beggar and got 4 euros stolen in the process
  7. We purchased the wrong tickets: bought Torina Porta Nova instead of Verona Porta Nova
  8. Can’t get a refund of the train that we bought but at least get it exchanged for the mistake purchase
  9. Having to wait exhausted and frustrated for another hour for the train
  10. Man on the train refused to switch seats with me on the train so I could sit with my friends so 4 of us literally moved a foot to the other table so he could have his beloved table he’s so deeply in love with
  11. Dragging our luggage in the 90 degree weather to our hotel for 15 minutes. Seems so little but imagine carrying 60 pounds of things over cobblestone and the boiling sun

SO YEAH. Didn’t think it would do it any justice if I didn’t make an intricate list of our wondrous day. The only thing that made it worth it was walking into the hotel and seeing our beautiful room which I certainly would love to see more of this style of.


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