Day 17 – last day *tear*

Sad it’s the last day 😥 didn’t think it was going to go by so quickly but it DEFINITELY did. I’m happy to be going home though because I don’t know if I could handle traveling around this much for much longer. Luckily though I’ll be able to see my family, friends, and boyfriend once I get back then hopping on a plane to Hawaii on Monday so the traveling doesn’t stop there! But after I’ll have to wind down and start adult life and job search until my brain is fried. Excited and scared for what the future holds but just like anything it’s part of life. The last day we shopped, had presentations, and then went to the country side where we were able to have as much wine as we pleased. The wine tasting and vineyard itself was beautiful and it was nice to know it’s one of the most famous ones in verona and italy itself. I was going to buy a bottle but wasn’t able to due to my over weight luggage from over shopping oops. We then tour more of the country side and took a scary bus ride up and down the hills which was pretty terrifying. We then end our trip with a delicious meal along with friendly staff. I loved that we got to see the process of how pasta is made and it just makes me appreciate it even more.


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