Day 18 – bye bye europe

At the airport and getting sad that I’ll be leaving these beautiful countries. I’m grateful for the experiences that I’ve gained from these areas and am so thankful for the friends that I met along the way. They are amazing people and hope to keep in contact with them in the future. Will be flying for a 13 hour travel time in total but we’ll be making our way eventually. In my opinion Paris was probably my favorite because of the beauty of the architecture. I don’t exactly have one I didn’t like because each country had their own flair. Would have been perfectly fine with not seeing any explicit body parts but that was certainly not under my control. I overall loved jumping around to different countries because I feel we needed to see what we wanted to see and move on. Now when I do decide to come back I’ll be more knowledgable of what to prepare for like not packing like I’m moving out or learning more basic phrases so I’m not a lost puppy in the most native areas where they don’t speak English. Small things could have changed the communication and it was pretty unorganized for a good chunk of it but I’m certain it was all a learning opportunity to better for the future.


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